Kim Kardashian and Psoriasis – The Famous Disease

Easily considered one of the most popular celebrities these days is reality TV star, business woman, fashion icon and mother, Kim Kardashian. Kim has made a huge name for herself, appearing in countless magazines, photos and movies.

The honest portrayal of herself in their hit reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians has brought about so many different issues about Kim like her attitude and her principles in life. In one of the past episodes back in 2011 though Kim reveals an issue far bigger than her own career and fame, she took the time to be honest that she was dealing with a disease that she had suffered with: psoriasis.Kim Kardashian Psoriasis On Legs

Psoriasis is a disease that is deemed to claim currently around 2-4% of the population and clearly it can happen to anyone as it has affected the famous TV personality Kim Kardashian. Characterized with itchy, red and scaly patches of skin, psoriasis is not infectious and is an autoimmune disease brought about by too much skin cell production.

A History of Psoriasis

It was back in 2011 when Kim took it into stride to know what was happening to her when she had a rash on her legs that did not seem to go away. When she visited the dermatologist, she left the clinic with a diagnosis of psoriasis, a disease that is genetic and one that Kim happened to inherit from her mother Kris Jenner.

It was then that Kim remembered and realized that her mother Kris was very vocal of her own troubles with psoriasis. The only difference between mother and daughter was the fact that Kris did not have the same red and flaky skin unlike what Kim saw on her legs.

Triggers to Psoriasis

After being diagnosed with psoriasis, Kim’s dermatologist discussed with her that it was not just genetics that is liable for her psoriasis, because apparently there are other impeding factors that could trigger the outbreak of psoriasis on psoriatic individuals.

Other issues that could increase the chance of psoriasis showing up and developing is food intake, a busy lifestyle, too much stress as well as travelling. With this first encounter with psoriasis, Kim found herself dealing with a photo shoot, worrying about the future of her career and preparations for her wedding – all factors pointing to an increase in psoriasis.

Life with Psoriasis

Despite the diagnosis Kim Kardashian did not put her life to a halt, even with the advice from her dermatologist to take time off and rest. She even spent a lot of time on social networks and addressed her situation with psoriasis, sometimes even showing off pictures of the red blotches on her body.

Kim’s psoriasis is enough proof to other psoriatic patients that it is not a debilitating disease that causes life to stand still. In fact Kim is not even held back with continuing to work, model and do whatever she has been doing even before she got diagnosed with psoriasis.


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